Glossier Haul & Review | Boy Brow, Haloscope, Stretch Concealer

DSC05406Glossier just dropped by Toronto a couple of days ago and I grabbed that opportunity to try out some of their products. I haven’t tried anything from Glossier so I did my research before going there because I know it’s going to be packed. I’ve heard so many things about this brand that I couldn’t miss popping by to check it out. A lot of their products are very sheer and natural which is what I’m all for these days.

Price list and the things I got

Aside from the actual products, they’re giving away a sample of the milky jelly cleanser, their famous sticker pads, that pink zip bag, and a black tote that says “Skin is In”.

I know there’s been a lot of reviews about Glossier products but here I am jumping on the bandwagon and giving my two cents. Note that I won’t be reviewing Generation G cause I’m planning to give it away.

Boy Brow, C$20 (shade Brown)


I’m super impressed with this brow gel! I have very thin eyebrow hair and this gel made it look like I have a lot of hair! The volume it provides is very natural, non-shiny, non-crispy looking! I look like I have naturally thick brows! I can honestly say, “THE HYPE IS REAL!”

bare brows



with Boy Brow



  • Buildable volume
  • Doesn’t clump
  • No shine
  • Not stiff
  • Lasts all day


Haloscope, C$27 (shade Quartz)


This one’s a cream highlight, perfect for people who prefer a natural glow. I picked up the shade Quartz, which apparently has real Rose Quarts, coconut oil, castor seed oil, and sweet almond oil. Sounds enticing! Highlighting sticks are a bit tricky for me to apply. It’s a worry for some because these sticks might move the foundation you applied underneath. I do feel the same way that’s why I feel like the Haloscope favors light-makeup-days. The highlight is not beaming and not glittery. It provides a natural sheen that somehow makes my skin healthy. The consistency is a bit sticky upon application and it doesn’t dry out matte throughout the day. I wouldn’t recommend this product if your skin is a bit on the oily side. I think it’ll slide off easily for other skin types. It could also look borderline greasy. But personally, it’s working well for me. What disappointed me was that I didn’t realize how little the tube has. I twisted the tube up and found only about 2 cm of the product or even less. But let’s be real, I won’t go through it that fast anyway.



  • Natural sheen/glow
  • Moisturizing on its own


  • Note that it only has 0.19 oz / 5.5 g
  • Could make you look greasy (depends on your skin type)
  • Not for people who like the blinding type of highlight

Stretch Concealer, C$22 (shade Medium)


I’ve never tried concealers in pots just because I don’t like dipping my hands into them. I picked this up because I’ve heard YouTubers talking so highly of it. It did its job covering up things to be covered and moisturized my skin at the same time. I like how sheer it is but it still covered up my pores and dark spots. Sticking to their “no-makeup”/natural look, this concealer provides a very dewy look but it can easily be set matte with a setting powder. Key ingredients include Beeswax, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Cocoa Butter.



with Stretch Concealer


  • Sheer but buildable
  • dewy finish
  • Moisturizing


  • Not long lasting
  • Comes in a pot
  • Limited shade range
  • Not full coverage
  • Could move around on more oily skin types

Overall, Glossier is very easy to love. Their marketing and aesthetics are on point and I love how they put more emphasis on “your skin but better” kind of makeup. I loved everything I got (esp. boy brow) and I’ll probably keep giving my money to their products in the future. I do believe Glossier is coming to Toronto permanently *(fingers crossed).

What do you think about Glossier? What are the products you’ve tried??

Thanks for dropping by!


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Light Therapy Acne Mask | Neutrogena | Review

Neutrogena got us – and our entire faces – covered! This Light Therapy Acne Mask is a new and innovative way to get rid of acne without spending thousands of bucks on expensive treatments. I’m so excited when I received this for free to review cause I’ve never seen anything like this in the market and I think it’s very intriguing to see it’s effectivity.

How does it work?

12 blue LED bulbs and 9 red LED bulbs

The inner part of the mask is lined with 21 red and blue LED lights to target the major causes of acne, Propionibacterium acnes and infammation. The blue light apparently kills off the P.acnes bacteria and the red light targets inflammation. The lights that work together make up that neon pink colour that gives off that millennial futuristic colour! I love it!

Of course I had to take a #maskfie to show you how cool it looks and how it covers my entire face!

I think it’s safe for the eyes since it comes with amber-coloured sunglasses that reduce glare. If it is too bright for you, you can close your eyes for the length of the session. The mask comes with an “activator” with 4 alkaline AA batteries. The activator lasts for 30 sessions which can last up to a month.

How to use: Continue reading

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Le Petit Marseillais Body Wash | Review

Le Petit Marseillais, pronounced as “luh-puh-tee mar-say-ay”, are body washes came from Provence, France in 1981 and has now flown to Canada. It is claimed to be the number 1 body wash in France so my expectations were quite high.

There are five varieties of scents: White Peach and Nectarine, Lavender Honey, Cotton Milk and Poppy, Orange Blossom, and Vanilla Milk. All of these fragrances sound soooo scrumptious and refreshing. I took a whiff when I first received it in the mail and I was completely satisfied. All of these fragrances are inspired by the South of France and artful combinations of sunny, authentic notes formulated from top perfumers. It totally takes me on an aromatic trip!

Details below!

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Intro to The Ordinary | Review

It could get a little overwhelming when you’re new to the brand and you feel like you want to try everything. I was like that when I first dropped by the Abnormal Beauty Company at the Queen St. W location. It triggered my curiosity and along with the entire beauty world. I had no idea that this highly-raved skincare brand was just a couple of blocks away from me. I was also looking for cheaper serums that work because the ones at Sephora were just too damn expensive. I did my research first and decided to try 3 of their serums. I wanted something hydrating and antiaging.

So apparently The Abnormal Beauty Company is also called Deciem? Correct me if I’m wrong. They carry different skincare brands like Hylamide, Niod, The Ordinary, and etc. I do get why they are so popular. The minimalistic packaging, the price, the range of products targetted to specific needs? It’s all amazing, but does it work? My expectations were quite high!

This post will talk about:

  • Product aims
  • Basic ingredient knowledge
  • Prices in Canadian dollars
  • How I use it
  • When I use it
  • How I use them all together in my skincare routine
  • Effects on my skin
  • Would I repurchase?

Let’s begin! Continue reading

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The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil | Swatches and Review

I feel like I’m never going back to Sephora for brow products ever again because I found out great ones from Korean brands. It’s not the first time I’m trying out The Face Shop’s Designing Eyebrow Pencil so I had a pretty good amount of time to actually try it and compare it to other brow products. Brows are the one thing I always put on because if not, I know I would look like a 15-year-old boy. I finally moved on from the Benefit Goof Proof and trying out something new! Let’s go on and have a closer look at the pencil. Note that I will mostly compare it to the Goof Proof just for reference.


So it has double ended plastic packaging like the usual. A lot less of quality compared to the other brow products I’ve tried. I notice that the caps crack easily at about 3 months of use. The product is on the other end and the spoolie on the other. It has 0.3 grams which is just about the same as the Goof Proof which has 0.34 grams.



It’s a lot stiffer and waxy than others so one stroke would just give you a light shade of colour. Basically, it doesn’t have much pigment pay-off and not creamy at all (which is a not a bad thing for brow products!) With that being said, I notice that I use a heavier hand when using this compared to when I’m using the Goof Proof. I like making the inner/front parts of my brows lighter than the rest of the brows. This product is perfect for that because it delivers the perfect amount of product without being too heavy.

I would say that the texture is a lot like the Anastasia Brow Whiz which is less creamy that the Goof Proof.


top to bottom : 04, 03, 02

It only has 5 colours. I picked up 02 Gray Brown, 03 Brown, and 04 Black Brown only because I’m not sure what kind of brown I am. Lol. The colours are very close to each other so I don’t think I’ll mind using one or the other interchangeably.


It stays long enough throughout the day. Wouldn’t say it’s budge-proof or waterproof though.


New tip 

Used tip

This is probably the only thing that’s a bit of a letdown. Once you use it after the first time, it loses its sharpness. So naturally, it’s going to have a rounded, circular tip. That shape makes it a struggle to draw a defined line. I find that I always have to wipe off product just to get my desired sharp eyebrow tail.


A whopping C$6! That’s affordable compared to the Goof Proof which is C$32 and Anastasia’s Brow Definer which is C$30!



  • Waxy and hard
  • Buildable pigment
  • Very Affordable (C$6)
  • Long lasting


  • Low-quality packaging; cracks easily
  • Shape of the tip makes it hard to draw defined lines


I think I have a new favourite! For its price? I think this beats all other brow products!

Hope this was helpful!

Thanks for dropping by!


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