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How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

We’ve heard somewhere that we should clean our makeup brushes every so often. But if I’m being honest, I probably do it once every month or every other month. Forgive me if that sounds nasty but I don’t use my brushes everyday anyways so I think that counts? Lol. Enough of my confessions here and I’ll start taking you through an easy peasy way of  how I wash my brushes.

dsc03918 Things I use:
– brush egg (bought from forever21 for about C$5) I believe it’s also available on eBay
– hard soap (freebies from hotels) or body wash/liquid soap/baby shampoo
– towel Continue reading

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Face Brushes | What I Use Them For

As promised, here are the face brushes I regularly use. All are cost-effective and high in quality! Continue reading

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Eye Brushes | What I Use Them For

A quick post about the eye brushes that are in constant rotation in my collection and what I use them for! These brushes are all affordable and are of good quality.


Bdellium Tools 783 Small Tapered Blending – $10 US
outer V brush
This type of brush just makes it easier to apply eyeshadow on your outer V’s. The tapered tip works great when you need more of a detailed eye look and the thicker base to blend it all out.

Bdellium Tools 755 Smudge – $8 US
lower lash line smudger
A must-have for a smokey eye. It is a basic smudger that I use for applying eyeshadow on my lower lash line. I also use this to smoke out my eyeliner to avoid harsh lines.

Morphe E27 Pro Round Blender – $6.99 US
crease/fluffy blending brush
The softest brush ever! This is the first brush I pick up when I’m putting on ANY eye makeup. I use this to put on my transition/skin tone shades to make blending easier. I also use this when I feel like contouring my nose. It makes blending so much easier!

Morphe E23 Deluxe Blender – $6.99 US
crease/ blending/ cream and mousse-y eyeshadows
It looks extremely similar to the E27 above, but on closer look and feel this is a lot denser. This brush is best used to apply cream eyeshadows and ColourPop Eyeshadows as I have described here.  I love that the Morphe brushes have the best quality among all my brushes and yet they are the cheapest!

Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Angled Eye Liner Brush – $9.19 US
detailed eye liner/brow brush
This is the only brush I use for my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. It is just a normal liner brush just like other brands but I specifically love the shape of the handle! So sexy. I’m just so sad that Target packed their bags and left Canada. No more Sonia Kashuk for me!

Make Up Geek Soft Dome Brush – $8.50 US
This is the softer and fluffier version of the Bdellium 783. It could double up as an outer V brush and a blending brush. It is very soft and a good multitasker. This is the first brush that I bought and I used it to blend, pack on shadows, outer V smoker, and smudger.


What are your favorite eye brushes at the moment?

P.S. Face brushes coming soon!


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