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Glossier Haul & Review | Boy Brow, Haloscope, Stretch Concealer

DSC05406Glossier just dropped by Toronto a couple of days ago and I grabbed that opportunity to try out some of their products. I haven’t tried anything from Glossier so I did my research before going there because I know it’s going to be packed. I’ve heard so many things about this brand that I couldn’t miss popping by to check it out. A lot of their products are very sheer and natural which is what I’m all for these days.

Price list and the things I got

Aside from the actual products, they’re giving away a sample of the milky jelly cleanser, their famous sticker pads, that pink zip bag, and a black tote that says “Skin is In”.

I know there’s been a lot of reviews about Glossier products but here I am jumping on the bandwagon and giving my two cents. Note that I won’t be reviewing Generation G cause I’m planning to give it away.

Boy Brow, C$20 (shade Brown)


I’m super impressed with this brow gel! I have very thin eyebrow hair and this gel made it look like I have a lot of hair! The volume it provides is very natural, non-shiny, non-crispy looking! I look like I have naturally thick brows! I can honestly say, “THE HYPE IS REAL!”

bare brows



with Boy Brow



  • Buildable volume
  • Doesn’t clump
  • No shine
  • Not stiff
  • Lasts all day


Haloscope, C$27 (shade Quartz)


This one’s a cream highlight, perfect for people who prefer a natural glow. I picked up the shade Quartz, which apparently has real Rose Quarts, coconut oil, castor seed oil, and sweet almond oil. Sounds enticing! Highlighting sticks are a bit tricky for me to apply. It’s a worry for some because these sticks might move the foundation you applied underneath. I do feel the same way that’s why I feel like the Haloscope favors light-makeup-days. The highlight is not beaming and not glittery. It provides a natural sheen that somehow makes my skin healthy. The consistency is a bit sticky upon application and it doesn’t dry out matte throughout the day. I wouldn’t recommend this product if your skin is a bit on the oily side. I think it’ll slide off easily for other skin types. It could also look borderline greasy. But personally, it’s working well for me. What disappointed me was that I didn’t realize how little the tube has. I twisted the tube up and found only about 2 cm of the product or even less. But let’s be real, I won’t go through it that fast anyway.



  • Natural sheen/glow
  • Moisturizing on its own


  • Note that it only has 0.19 oz / 5.5 g
  • Could make you look greasy (depends on your skin type)
  • Not for people who like the blinding type of highlight

Stretch Concealer, C$22 (shade Medium)


I’ve never tried concealers in pots just because I don’t like dipping my hands into them. I picked this up because I’ve heard YouTubers talking so highly of it. It did its job covering up things to be covered and moisturized my skin at the same time. I like how sheer it is but it still covered up my pores and dark spots. Sticking to their “no-makeup”/natural look, this concealer provides a very dewy look but it can easily be set matte with a setting powder. Key ingredients include Beeswax, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Cocoa Butter.



with Stretch Concealer


  • Sheer but buildable
  • dewy finish
  • Moisturizing


  • Not long lasting
  • Comes in a pot
  • Limited shade range
  • Not full coverage
  • Could move around on more oily skin types

Overall, Glossier is very easy to love. Their marketing and aesthetics are on point and I love how they put more emphasis on “your skin but better” kind of makeup. I loved everything I got (esp. boy brow) and I’ll probably keep giving my money to their products in the future. I do believe Glossier is coming to Toronto permanently *(fingers crossed).

What do you think about Glossier? What are the products you’ve tried??

Thanks for dropping by!


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Peek Into My Bag Essentials

I don’t know about you but I like looking at other people’s things. Call me a creeper but a random peep at a stranger’s purse is something I unconsciously do. I like rummaging through my sister’s and my mom’s purse without a specific purpose. I even go through my boyfriend’s bag sometimes even though I know I won’t find anything interesting. I’m sure some of you are as nosy as I am so sharing what’s inside my bag would be perfect. Here’s a list of my bag essentials and why I carry them around.

  1. Wallet – which will be reduced to a coin purse because stupid me left it at a coffee shop patio. My sympathetic nervous system worked it’s way and relaxed all my sphincters and I felt like all the fluids in my body will leak out. Fortunately, good people exist and it came back home to mama. Lost it once, never again.
  2. Earphones – for long commutes (mostly caused by TTC delays)
  3. TTC Metropass – tied to a lanyard because hello, it’s me, and I lose everything. lol
  4. Glasses – for #LolaLei
  5. Eye drops – for my dry and strained eyes from too much electronics. #LolaLei
  6. Perfume – for stank dayz
  7. Mints – again. for stank dayz
  8. Hand lotion – for my crusty hands
  9. Lip balm – for my crusty lips
  10. Lippies – that always seem to accumulate after weeks and you realize you have 20 lipsticks after a few weeks
  11. Pens – because as I grow older, I realize that pens are essential to life and it must be inside your bag. #certifiedTita
  12.  Pain killers – TMI. for painful periods
  13.  Pads – (not in pic) TMI. for emergency purposes
  14. Umbrella – (also not in pic) Because. Rain.

Thanks for reading! What are your bag essentials??


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2016 Beauty Favourites and Blog Anniversary Reflection

January isn’t done yet so I think it’s still acceptable to have a round up about the things I loved (and still love) in the past year.

January 2016 was when I first started my blog. I was reading my 2016 goals and I told myself to MAYBE start a blog. That “maybe” became a reality that I never thought I would do. I didn’t just start a blog, I also filmed 1 video! That was scary. I remember being so scared about what would people say and how would people judge me behind their screens. I would always tell myself that starting a beauty blog was so far-fetched and impossible. I couldn’t fathom being that annoying girl who blabs about makeup all the time! I swallowed everything and did it anyway. Because why not!

I want to take this moment to thank everyone who clicked on this post and took a little bit of their time to hear (read) what I have to say. Even if you’re just here to grammar-check me, or point out all my flaws, I still appreciate you being here! People have unexpectedly been very supportive about my beauty blog that it makes me want to continue on with it. It was fun and became something I look forward to. It also made me buy more makeup with an accompanying rationalisation that I NEED it for blogging. All the more reason to buy more makeup, hemayreyt??

I admit that I have been MIA for the past couple of months mainly because things got busy with life. With that, my interest in makeup and beauty diminished.  I noticed that I had too much makeup that I’m not even using and had to purge out almost half of my stuff before we moved to our new place. I wanted to use up everything I have on hand before I buy anything (living minimal is a new goal. Lol). Does that mean I have to blog less?  I don’t think so. I’d like to think that it’s going to help me squeeze out my creative juices. Blogging not just about makeup, but also about life. This 2017, I want to make this blog more personal – a lot about beauty and little bits about my life. Who knows what I’ll say in a couple of months and who knows where my blog will go. I suggest we all sit back and let it all play.

Enough about me! Let’s start talking about my beauty favourites for the year 2016 (and beyond)

Some of these products are my holy grail too. Y’all have probably seen these products pop up often on my blog. It’s a long post so I’ll try and make it super easy to read by writing it in bullet form! Continue reading

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

We’ve heard somewhere that we should clean our makeup brushes every so often. But if I’m being honest, I probably do it once every month or every other month. Forgive me if that sounds nasty but I don’t use my brushes everyday anyways so I think that counts? Lol. Enough of my confessions here and I’ll start taking you through an easy peasy way of  how I wash my brushes.

dsc03918 Things I use:
– brush egg (bought from forever21 for about C$5) I believe it’s also available on eBay
– hard soap (freebies from hotels) or body wash/liquid soap/baby shampoo
– towel Continue reading

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Beauty Blogger Tag


Hattiesmithers was very sweet to nominate me for this tag!

The Rules are:
– Tag the blogger who nominated you
– Answer the questions
– Come up with 10 questions of your own
– Nominate other bloggers, and don’t forget to tell them!

This is actually my first tag and I had so much fun answering these questions! Here it goes.

  1. What is your favourite makeup brand and why?
    Top 3: Urban Decay, Too Faced, and Kat Von D
  1. What was the inspiration for your blog?
    The inspiration is to have a minimalistic design that will focus on beauty and makeup looks. I love Linda Hallberg’s blog and her talent is beyond amazing. My blog’s inspiration was mainly because of her.
  1. What is your holy grail makeup product?
    A good brow pencil or any brow product of your choice.
  1. Beauty blender or makeup brush?
    Beauty Blender just because my skin is so dry and always flaky that makeup brushes always micro-exfoliate my crusty nose leaving it as dry as the Sahara Desert. LOL
  1. What is your favourite affordable makeup brand? Colourpop. The shipping and exchange rate might make it more expensive for us Canadians but it’s still at that drugstore price range. Everything about Colourpop is so good. I’m obsessed!
  1. What is your favourite hobby/pastime?
    Blogging is my new hobby! Being inside the web and interacting with fellow beauty addicts have been eating up my time lately. Blogging keeps me busy and I enjoy it so much.
  1. If you could only put on one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    EYEBROWS for sure. I’d be lookin’ like a little boy without one.
  1. Who is your favourite YouTuber/blogger?
    Youtubers: Kathleenlights, MannyMUA, PatrickStarrr, Estee Lalonde, and Allana Davidson
    Bloggers: Linda Hallberg, Keiko Lynn, A Beautiful Mess, the people at The Beauty Department, and Saab Magalona
  1. What is your best beauty advice?
    Invest on your skincare routine.
    Take off all your makeup EVERY NIGHT.
    Use sunscreen every single day (even if its gloomy and dark, and even if you’re staying indoors most of the day)
  1. What is your favourite brand for lipsticks?
    BITE BEAUTY! Might be a little biassed over this answer because I work for the company, but I love the concept behind being able to confidently lick your lips without having to worry about what you are actually ingesting. I love it too because it’s made in Toronto (yaaz Canada!)
  2. Who/what makes you happiest?
    I would probably pick food and makeup. Give me pizza, fries, and a new makeup palette and I would be the happiest. LOL


I tag:

pehge, keishagayle, Jessica Jade, Trish Uy, thestripedcoyote

Answer these questions!

  1. Matte or Gloss?
  2. Favourite makeup brush brand?
  3. What is your dream job?
  4. How much time does it take for you to get ready on a normal weekday versus going to a party?
  5. What do you do to pamper and de-stress?
  6. Favourite bloggers and vloggers?
  7. From which part of the world are you from?
  8. Favourite type of cuisine?
  9. Favourite TV show?
  10. What is your advice to bloggers who are just starting out?

Have fun answering these question girls!

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