Le Petit Marseillais Body Wash | Review

Le Petit Marseillais, pronounced as “luh-puh-tee mar-say-ay”, are body washes came from Provence, France in 1981 and has now flown to Canada. It is claimed to be the number 1 body wash in France so my expectations were quite high.

There are five varieties of scents: White Peach and Nectarine, Lavender Honey, Cotton Milk and Poppy, Orange Blossom, and Vanilla Milk. All of these fragrances sound soooo scrumptious and refreshing. I took a whiff when I first received it in the mail and I was completely satisfied. All of these fragrances are inspired by the South of France and artful combinations of sunny, authentic notes formulated from top perfumers. It totally takes me on an aromatic trip!

Details below!

Le Petit Marseillais Orange Blossom Extra Gentle Shower Creme

Le Petit Marseillais Cotton Milk & Poppy Extra Gentle Shower Creme

Le Petit Marseillais Vanilla Milk Extra Gentle Shower Creme

Le Petit Marseillais White Peach & Nectarine Extra Gentle Shower Gel

Le Petit Marseillais Lavender Honey Extra Gentle Shower Creme

The formula of the body wash is very thin and runny. It’s super moisturizing and gentle on the skin. It is non-stripping and wouldn’t make your skin squeaky. Upon popping the bottle open, the scent isn’t overpowering but it is evident. Once you use it in the shower it isn’t as strong anymore. The scent doesn’t linger on my body which is a sad thing for me because I wanna be able to smell it after I shower. But if you’re not that kind of person then it wouldn’t be a problem.

I’m currently finishing the peach scent because I’m always drawn to peach scented products. Loving it so far! I paid a visit to the actual website of Le Petit Marseillais and found out that they have a full range of body and hair care products! Ranging from deodorants to children’s shower! Hopefully the full range of products hit the Canadian market as well!

These five body washes are available at most drugstores for $7.99 for a 400mL bottle.

Received as PR sample.

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