Peek Into My Bag Essentials

I don’t know about you but I like looking at other people’s things. Call me a creeper but a random peep at a stranger’s purse is something I unconsciously do. I like rummaging through my sister’s and my mom’s purse without a specific purpose. I even go through my boyfriend’s bag sometimes even though I know I won’t find anything interesting. I’m sure some of you are as nosy as I am so sharing what’s inside my bag would be perfect. Here’s a list of my bag essentials and why I carry them around.

  1. Wallet – which will be reduced to a coin purse because stupid me left it at a coffee shop patio. My sympathetic nervous system worked it’s way and relaxed all my sphincters and I felt like all the fluids in my body will leak out. Fortunately, good people exist and it came back home to mama. Lost it once, never again.
  2. Earphones – for long commutes (mostly caused by TTC delays)
  3. TTC Metropass – tied to a lanyard because hello, it’s me, and I lose everything. lol
  4. Glasses – for #LolaLei
  5. Eye drops – for my dry and strained eyes from too much electronics. #LolaLei
  6. Perfume – for stank dayz
  7. Mints – again. for stank dayz
  8. Hand lotion – for my crusty hands
  9. Lip balm – for my crusty lips
  10. Lippies – that always seem to accumulate after weeks and you realize you have 20 lipsticks after a few weeks
  11. Pens – because as I grow older, I realize that pens are essential to life and it must be inside your bag. #certifiedTita
  12.  Pain killers – TMI. for painful periods
  13.  Pads – (not in pic) TMI. for emergency purposes
  14. Umbrella – (also not in pic) Because. Rain.

Thanks for reading! What are your bag essentials??


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3 thoughts on “Peek Into My Bag Essentials

  1. Ella says:

    Peeking into my bag, you’ll find: House keys! Coinpurse, eyeliner, phone, plus a few Band-aids (#butterfingeredtita), anti-histamine tablets, and a small spray bottle filled with isopropyl. ?


  2. “Stank dayz” hahaha girl I’m dying!!! But I feel ya 😉 That Bite Beauty lip gloss is SO gorg, I have it in a different shade and I’m completely obsessed!


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