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Bite Beauty Multistick | Swatches and Review

Who doesn’t love makeup that does everything? Lazy girls, like me, would be all over this product because it does everything and it actually WORKS! The Bite Beauty Multisticks are cream to powder finishes that are suitable for eyes, lips, and cheeks. This product is aimed to achieve a monochromatic look with only using one product!

They’re available in 18 colours but I only have 6 to swatch for you guys.

EDIT: See me use the Multusicks in action here

This post will go over: Detailed review and how I use it, Pro’s & Con’s, Eye-lip-cheek swatches, side by side swatches of all 6 colours


The packaging is identical to the Buttercream lipsticks which are flat, cylindrical and MAGNETIC! I know, makeup addicts love the magnetic packaging and the satisfaction that comes with every click!


These bullets were shot in a very hot Toronto day so excuse the sweat on these bullets. If you ever experience this, just pop them in the fridge for a few hours and the sweat will disappear. I do recommend you don’t use them yet when they’re hot and sweaty because they might break off. I did it once, broke a lipstick, then cried. Lol


Detailed Review

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Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Benefit has been in the brow game for years but it never really stood up for me until now. They released new products with packaging that are much more attractive! I’m in love with the circus-themed silver packaging of all their brow products! I picked up the Goof Proof Brow Pencil and without a doubt, the product itself is good too! Let’s all get into the details!


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Sephora Cream Lip Stain 01 Always Red

The Sephora Collection’s Cream Lip Stains are one of the best products from the Sephora Collection and are easily one of the best liquid lipsticks I have tried. I picked up the Shade 01 Always Red a few years back when I was looking for a good red lip. Now it has been my go-to!  I get a lot of questions about what colour I’m wearing whenever I have this on. It’s one of those stand-out reds that are just so vibrant. The colour easily pops out on every skin colour!

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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks | Sake, Spritzer, Eggplant, Jam, Sour Cherry

Bite Beauty has recently launched The Amuse Bouche – a fresh line of lipsticks that are made from luxurious and edible ingredients. They have formulated 34 unique shades that are creamy, moisturizing, and highly pigmented. I have Sake, Spritzer, Eggplant, Jam, and Sour Cherry to swatch for you guys!

It’s basically the same as the previous well loved Luminous Crème line. The cap still resembles a lipstick bullet shape that has been used and sleek design makes it more luxurious and sophisticated. The packaging is uniform with all the colours so distinguishing one from the other wouldn’t be easy until you read the bottom label. I know it would be a struggle to find that one shade you want, and you end up reading all the labels, then all of a sudden you’re late for work. Ha! But personally, I like seeing all the grey bullets all lined up monochromatically in my vanity.


Bite has perfected the lipstick game train because these are beyond amazing. All 34 shades have a satin finish and is unlike any other formulas because it’s all made with 12 edible and natural oils. According to the Bite website, these lipsticks have pearl, silk, and red wine resveratrol that prolongs wear and provides a creamy texture for a “long lasting antioxidant benefits long after application.” As claimed, it is very moisturizing and not drying. One swipe of the lipstick gives 100% pigment and creaminess. The darker colours tend to last longer than the nudes because it leaves a stain on the lip. The nudes and the light pinks are more creamy and less opaque but are still very pigmented.

The scent is a completely different story because it transforms the experience of putting on a lipstick to another level. The flavour came from freshly pressed grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangelo, mint and mandarin extracts that give the lipstick a sweet citrus scent. First thing that came to my mind when I first took a whiff was Skittles and that is probably one of the best things about this lipstick.

PRICE – C$30 and sold at Sephora

All 5 colours side by side so you guys can see the comparison between each colour.AmuseBoucheSwatches

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DUPE for Anastasia Brow Wiz


This does not come as a surprise since a lot of drugstore brands has stepped up their brow game and I am very pleased about that. I feel like Anastasia has set the bar high on brow products and I compare everything to it.

I told myself I wouldn’t buy another Brow Wiz because I finished it in about a month. That’s 27 hard earned dollars for one skinny pencil. I was very happy when I found cheaper alternatives like this one.




As the pictures suggest, the L’Oréal has a skinnier tip.

But apparently both of them have 0.003 oz.


L’Oréal puts more pigment in one swipe. It is more creamy than the Brow Wiz but it’s not too creamy like an eyeliner would be.

Anastasia needs two swipes to achieve the pigment of L’Oréal in one swipe but I like it better because there is more room for mistakes. A heavy hand wouldn’t be a problem since it applies lightly and apt for a more feathery brow look (which I am digging!).



Both have the same concept of a double ended product and spoolie.

L’Oréal wins it for this one because of the clear cap on the spoolie side. Is it just me or am I really bad at figuring out which side the spoolie is on?!


L’Oréal C$8.99 (I got in on sale at the Superstore)

Anastasia C$27

That’s more than double! L’Oréal definitely wins this category!

Colour Selection

Unfortunately, L’Oréal only has 3 shades in their range: Blonde, Brunette, and Dark Brunette.

I picked up Brunette and noticed that it is very similar, just a little warmer, than Anastasia’s Medium Brown.


I don’t know if you notice but the Anastasia one is a tiny bit cool toned.

For the price point, I think the L’Oréal Brow Stylist Definer is a good alternative/dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz.

I heard the new Nyx Micro Brow Pencil also comes as a close dupe for the Brow Wiz. That’s probably next on my list once I finish both of these!

Do you guys know other brow products that coud be a dupe to the Anastasia Brow Wiz? Let me know!


Thanks for reading!

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