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Highlighter Collection


Okay,it’s not much of a collection since I only have 3. I’m limiting myself from purchasing more because I know I wouldn’t be able to  go through highlighters fast enough to need more. But I do love ’em! Just the act of putting on a highlight lifts my mood and makes me feel all light and sparkly!


Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

Definitely a YouTube-made-me-buy-it product! Bought this because KathleenLights raved about it, of course.  Although not wow-ed about it, I like it for days when I don’t feel like beaming too much. It doesn’t look like it would do much on the pan. But when swatched, it’s a smooth and natural highlight. The texture is like a matte sheen without being too metallic. It’s for days when you want a natural healthy glow. It’s not glittery in any way which is a plus. Another big plus is the price! I got this for only C$4.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart. It stays on pretty well but found that it didn’t last the entire day. One thing I also noticed about this highlighter is that it doesn’t accentuate all the texture and pores on my face. I found that highlighters that are very metallic could potentially do that. This particular highlighter didn’t highlight things that I didn’t want to be highlighted. (if that makes sense. lol)


  • Natural highlight
  • Doesn’t highlight the bumpy things on mi face
  • Very affordable
  • Not glittery


  • Not as strong of a highlight
  • Not as metallic

ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter in Wisp


The Super Shock highlighters are more creamy and buttery to touch. It is geared towards the more metallic type of shine. It could be intense but it seems to go on lightly when blended out. I don’t reach for it too often because of the fact that I have to use my fingers to apply it. This colour, Wisp, is a bit too dark for my skin tone that it could be used as a peachy blush. This is probably the most intense highlight out of the three and it lasts all day. I’m the kind of person who touches my face all the time. I always see a transfer of glitter on my fingers and/or my clothes but the highlight is still on and beaming!

PRICE: US$8 (C$10 – C$11)


  • Smooth, buttery, creamy
  • Intense highlight
  • Lasts all day


  • Too dark for my skin
  • Application method

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop


Champagne Pop one is by far my favourite of all three. The consistency so buttery to touch and applies smoothly. It’s like a hybrid of a cream and a powder highlight. As you can probably tell, the pan has been wildly pressed on. I already noticed it cracking so I’m trying to prevent “accidents” by pressing it all back to the pan. I have already seen a lot of posts about this highlighter breaking easily because of the formula. I would never want that to happen to me! With that being said, I always store mine facing up and I never travel with it. Any method of application works great. The formula is good and provides a high shine that lasts throughout the day!


  • Smooth and buttery
  • Super reflective and metallic
  • Lasts all day


  • Price: C$46 ugh why is too expensive!
  • Breaks easily
  • Not travel friendly




Becca, Essence, Colourpop


Becca, Essence, Colourpop

What is your favourite highlighter??

Thanks for dropping by! ❤


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COLOURPOP Ultra Metallic Lip Swatches & Review

Colourpop has finally come out with the Ultra Metallic Lip collection and I got so excited that I got all 4 colours from the collection. They’ve released this collection 3 times in limited quantities and have been sold out in under 30 minutes. They also said that it’s going to be a permanent collection and knowing Colourpop, they will definitely come out with a ton of different shades too.


When I first swirled the applicator inside the tube, it felt mousse-y and almost like a cream eyeshadow. It has soft chunky pieces when you first apply it. You could probably tell from the hand swatches there are indeed some chunky pieces. This doesn’t really bother me since the product applied smoothly on my lips. The girls from Colourpop mentioned in their Snapchat that they intended it to be like that – a mousse texture. They said that they needed to stick to that formula to get that smooth and comfortable feel on the lip.


I am loving it so far and have been wearing it a lot. It has a satin and almost matte feel and doesn’t transfer much. I always see lipstick stains on my water bottle but when I was using these metallic lippies, I could see just a tiny bit of sparkle. I was also amazed to see it all intact when I finished an oily meal. With that being said, it is a pain to remove this. Once it sets, it’s not going anywhere. Wiping it with dry napkins is just suicide. I use a makeup wipe or a cleansing oil to remove it.

Another great thing about this is that it’s very versatile because you can use it by itself or with other lippies. Apply a thin layer for a sheer glossy look, a thick layer for a super metallic lip, or on top of other lip products just dotted in the centre for extra dimension.

Side note: I received mine so early and got all excited but the doe foot applicator on one of the colours was bald, patchy and skinny. It was weird because it looked so different from all their applicators. I emailed them to ask about it and if they could replace it. Kindly enough, they replied quickly and said the replacement is on its way! Yay Colourpop Customer Service!

Now for lip swatches!

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All About The Brows

Brows are very subjective and it isn’t supposed to be perfect. I don’t even know what a perfect brow looks like! My perfect brow might not suit your face, and your perfect brow might not suit somebody else’s face.

It took me a few years to “perfect” my brows, and by “perfect” I mean I’ve achieved contentment and a routine when I do my brows. Most likely, my ways will evolve and change as I get older.

I am not an expert with makeup and I can’t tell you how you’re supposed to do yours. It’s makeup. It comes off at the end of the day.

This post is to let you guys know how I personally do my own brows while hoping to help some of you in finding your personal brow style. Let’s start?


I had my brows groomed once in my life (about 8 years ago, I think). Ever since then, I’ve just been alternately plucking and shaving to the shape that the groomer made. I haven’t gone to a professional since then and I haven’t felt the need to. If you don’t like spending time and money on your brows (just like me), I would suggest going to an expert to have them shaped properly, at least once. You can just clean up on the new hair growth and maintain the shape for as long as you want. (At least that’s what I did! )



Look at them bare and uneven. Haha Even my eyes are uneven! Let’s move on from flaw-pointing and start sketching!

  1. Create a triangle for a sharp brow tailDSC01304
  2. Fill it ins
  3. Connect-the-dots(hair) while drawing a straight line using tiny strokes going towards the nose.DSC01308
  4. I go back into the product and dip my brush to make the arch and tail a little darker than the rest of the brow. This creates depth.
  5. I just follow my natural brow shape and continue to fill in. There is a lot of room for mistake because brow products are more forgiving than eyeliners. I just wipe it with my finger when I make a mistake!DSC01311
  6. By this time, the brush should have the slightest amount of product. This is the best time to go in and fill the inner part of the brow. This gives a lighter shade to soften the look. DO NOT go back and dip it into the pot if you want “natural” looking brows (ombre effect? Lol). I prefer to put the least amount of product on that part because I don’t want it to look too strong. As shown in the picture above, I pretty much stop filling from that point because I want my natural brow hairs to show up.DSC01314
  7.  I’m done by this point, but if I feel like it, I will apply a tinted brow gel on the inner parts of my brow to make it appear more bushy. #CaraDelevingneBrows But apparently, that is impossible and unachievable on my part. *cries. DSC01320

       After brushing it through with a spoolie, we are finally done. Let’s zoom in.

DSC01323Feel free to highlight the brow bone or apply a little concealer to clean up and make the brows “pop”. 😉



  • Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade
  • ColourPop Brow Colour in Bangin’ Brunette
  • ColourPop Brow Pencil in Bangin Brunette
  • Loreal Brow Stylist Definer in Brunette
  • Milani Easy Brow Tinted Fiber Gel


A few notes:

  • On this post, I used the ColourPop Brow Colour but the process would be similar if I were to use a pencil.
  • Putting on an eyeshadow primer before doing your brows would prolong its wear and make it last all day.
  • I know people have been asking for a video, but I still couldn’t get myself to film! One day. Lol


Hope this helps! Thanks for dropping by! ❤️


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COLOURPOP Super Shock Eyeshadows: Bill, Girl Crush, Party Time, Mittens

After enough testing and trying, I’m ready to give my two cents about these beautiful colours from ColourPop. I ordered all cool-toned matte shades because I feel like I lack products in that department. The colours I chose were (L-R) Mittens, Girl Crush, Bill, and Party Time.


There are two ways I apply these products: via a dense synthetic brush or via ring finger. I use the Morphe E23 brush and swirl it several times to get the intensity that I want. Using a brush typically puts down a lighter and more diffused colour. Dipping the ring finger gives it the highest colour pay-off when applied directly.

As many of us know, these shadows aren’t pure powder eyeshadows. They feel so soft and mousse-y. Almost like a cream eyeshadow but instantly sets when you put in on the lids. I find that they are a little bit harder to blend than the usual eyeshadows because of their texture. Once you lay the product down on your lids, it sets there and it will be a little bit of a struggle to blend it especially if you use your hands. With that being said, it works well as a primer or a base to your favourite eyeshadows too.

Without a primer, these last so long considering my oily lids. It doesn’t crease on me at all. With a primer, it lasts so much longer and the colour is more vibrant.

– Super soft
– Highly pigmented
– Lasts long
– Great colour selection

– A little hard to blend
– Comes in pots that could dry up over time
– Hard to store Continue reading

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COLOURPOP Ultra Satin Lip: Panda, Magic Wand, & Tansy

colourpopultrasatinlipAnother Colourpop review! I have made a couple of purchases from this brand and I am obsessed! I want more! I’ll be doing separate reviews on the lip products, brow products, and the eyeshadows so stay tuned! For now, we will be talking about these amazing Ultra Satin Lips.

Texture & Feel
I am so pleased with the formula because it’s not as drying as the Ultra Matte ones. These are light-weight, very comfortable, and long-wearing. Although it says satin, these dry more to a matte than a satin. I noticed that different colours have different feel to the lips. Magic Wand was lighter and more satin than the darker colours. Panda and Tansy dried to a more matte finish and was more sticky than Magic Wand.

Yes, it does transfer but it doesn’t leave the lips with a blank patch once it transfers. The product stays on for a long time.

It has a slight lipstick scent but it’s very unnoticeable.


Arm Swatches

Click below for lip swatches!

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