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DUPE for Anastasia Brow Wiz


This does not come as a surprise since a lot of drugstore brands has stepped up their brow game and I am very pleased about that. I feel like Anastasia has set the bar high on brow products and I compare everything to it.

I told myself I wouldn’t buy another Brow Wiz because I finished it in about a month. That’s 27 hard earned dollars for one skinny pencil. I was very happy when I found cheaper alternatives like this one.




As the pictures suggest, the L’Oréal has a skinnier tip.

But apparently both of them have 0.003 oz.


L’Oréal puts more pigment in one swipe. It is more creamy than the Brow Wiz but it’s not too creamy like an eyeliner would be.

Anastasia needs two swipes to achieve the pigment of L’Oréal in one swipe but I like it better because there is more room for mistakes. A heavy hand wouldn’t be a problem since it applies lightly and apt for a more feathery brow look (which I am digging!).



Both have the same concept of a double ended product and spoolie.

L’Oréal wins it for this one because of the clear cap on the spoolie side. Is it just me or am I really bad at figuring out which side the spoolie is on?!


L’Oréal C$8.99 (I got in on sale at the Superstore)

Anastasia C$27

That’s more than double! L’Oréal definitely wins this category!

Colour Selection

Unfortunately, L’Oréal only has 3 shades in their range: Blonde, Brunette, and Dark Brunette.

I picked up Brunette and noticed that it is very similar, just a little warmer, than Anastasia’s Medium Brown.


I don’t know if you notice but the Anastasia one is a tiny bit cool toned.

For the price point, I think the L’Oréal Brow Stylist Definer is a good alternative/dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz.

I heard the new Nyx Micro Brow Pencil also comes as a close dupe for the Brow Wiz. That’s probably next on my list once I finish both of these!

Do you guys know other brow products that coud be a dupe to the Anastasia Brow Wiz? Let me know!


Thanks for reading!

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Disappointing Product #1: NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

nyxliquidsuedelip (2)

I had high hopes for the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. I thought it was going to be a good liquid lipstick because Nyx’s Lip products are amazing for the price point. But these were just awful. I hate for this post to be so negative, but I want to give my honest review on this product.

nyxliquidsuedelip (1)

I picked up Vintage and Sandstorm.


The first thing that turned me off was the scent. It doesn’t smell like the Soft Matte Lip Creams or the Butter Glosses. It smells like chemicals and that “old lipstick” scent. I couldn’t stand the smell as I’m putting it on that I felt like I’m putting straight up paint on my lips.


The label didn’t promise a matte finish but it dried down to a matte finish after a few minutes of application. When you smack your lips together, a matte lipstick is supposed to be comfortable and not stick together. That wasn’t the case for this one. When I pressed my lips together, it kept sticking to each other. I tried to wait 2 hours hoping it would dry down. But no. It felt like I put on double-sided tape between my lips.

When I see the word “Suede” I thought it would be something hydrating and comfortable. Unfortunately, it was all the opposite.



NYX Liquid Suede Cream lipstick in Vintage and Sandstorm swatches


I wouldn’t repurchase it and wouldn’t recommend it either.

I do recommend their Matte Lipstick, Butter Gloss, Soft Matte Lip Cream, and their Lip Pencils. They are amazing! I love Nyx products and was so happy that they finally hit the shelves at my Shoppers Drug Mart. They have so many good products, but I would suggest you pass on this one.


Have you guys tried this product? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!


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Urban Decay Primer Potion vs. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

UDxTooFacedEyePrimer (6)

Both eye primers are from amazing brands and are aimed to do the same job, but which one works best?

A little goes a long way with these eye primers. One tiny dot could cover both lids in my case. Once you squeeze it out, both primers feel very slippery and silicone-like. Considering my very oily lids, both primers mattify and provide a good base for all my eye looks.

UDxTooFacedEyePrimer (5)UDxTooFacedEyePrimer (2)


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I still have the old packaging with me and it has been battered, I know. I don’t think I have anything bad to say about this. It gives a good base for all my eyeshadow looks and definitely makes my eyeshadow last longer, crease-free, and more vibrant. It has a metallic smell too but it isn’t a bother for me. The new packaging has a doe foot applicator which is enticing me to get a new tube.

Varieties: Available in Original, Anti-aging, Minor Sin (Champagne shimmer), Eden (Matte)

Price: C$26


Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Same as the UD one, I still have the old packaging. I do find that this eye primer comes out watery and separates, which is a big downer. I thought it was because I just opened it and it sat on the shelves for a long time that the first few squeezes will come out watery. BUT no matter how much a shake it, a clear liquid ALWAYS comes out. I’m wondering I might have picked up a dud or a really old one. The product itself isn’t bad once you get past the watery part. Similar to the UD one, it has the same metallic smell that isn’t bothersome. It does the job of mattifying and preventing any eyeshadow creases. But I find that the UD one makes my eyeshadow stay on longer than this.

Varieties: Available in Original, Champagne, Glitter Glue

Price: C$24



The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is clearly a much better eyeshadow primer in my opinion. It primes, mattifies, prevent creasing, and makes shadows more vibrant. It has more varieties to choose from too. I think paying 2 extra dollars is worth it.


Tell me what your favorite eye primer is because I’m looking for a new one to try!

Thanks for reading! xo







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Dry Shampoo Series #1: COLAB Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo London

I had no idea what dry shampoos were before I landed on the beauty world. Now they are starting to be one of the essentials.

I have an oily scalp and dry ends that’s why I wash it every other day. Dry shampoos come in on days between washes so once I hit it the 3-day mark, my hair would be impossibly greasy and itchy.

This series will feature different brands of dry shampoos, each with detailed reviews, and a score out of 5.

First on the roster…

COLAB Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo London 200ml



Musky. Smells a bit like chemicals but not too strong. It does have the usual smell like all the dry shampoos.

TOP: Bergamot & Rose
HEART: Rose, Violet, Magnolia & Jasmine
BASE: Woody, Amber & Musk

The scent stays on all day and keeps hair smelling fresh.



As the label says, it comes out sheer and invisible unlike other dry shampoos that leave a white cast/powdery film on the roots. Having said that, it also doesn’t leave that residue that usually makes it itchy and uncomfortable.

I love this dry shampoo because it’s very effective on making my hair feel fresh, clean and non-greasy. It’s light-weight and it feels like I just washed my hair.



This dry shampoo was created by Ruth Crilly from the Youtube Channel A Model Recommends

If you live in Toronto, you can get this at Rexall, some Shoppers Drug Mart, and at Phoenix Beauty Store in Pacific Mall.



Overall, I give this dry shampoo a score of 4.5/5 because it is great and does the job of keeping my hair fresh without weighing it down or leaving so much dry shampoo residue. I deducted 0.5 just because of the scent. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. I have yet to try other scents from the COLAB line and maybe give this a 5 when I find my perfect scent.


Stay tuned to see what’s next on the Dry Shampoo Series!

Thanks for reading!



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Favorite Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayons (Lip Swatches + Review)


I want to share with you guys my favorite colours from the Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon collection. DSC_1028

As many of you know, all of Bite Beauty’s products are good enough to eat and made with gluten-free, food-grade ingredients and are free of polybutenes, sulfates, and petroleum byproducts.

The Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayons are highly pigmented, very moisturizing and comfortable even if it’s matte. According to Sephora’s website, “the secret is the moisture-locking power of orange peel wax along with the antioxidant properties of resveratrol.”


Because of the matte/creamy consistency, it is long wearing but not drying. It does have a slight sheen when first applied but it dries down to a matte finish throughout the day.

It has a citrus-y vanilla scent. If you are someone who’s sensitive about scents on lip products you don’t need to worry because the scent almost completely disappears when the lip color sets.

These are my most reached for colours from the collection:


Click on for lip swathces!

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