Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volume Mascara | Review

After a week of testing out this brow gel, I finally have my thoughts settled!

I was lucky enough to be one of the 180 people who got picked to receive this Influenster VoxBox! I think everyone got one product out of the few new launches Maybelline had. This is exciting since it’s my second time to receive a VoxBox! Hooray free stuff!

So how was the product?

Nothing much to say about the outer packaging since it’s a basic tube. The spoon brush/wand on the other hand is surprisingly good! I love how unique the shape is. They really tried to make it different from all the spoolie brushes out there. The tiny bristles made it easier to spread out the product through my thin brow hairs. It doesn’t deposit clumps of brow gel into my brows which happen too often with other brow gels.

The brow gel itself has a lot of tiny fibers in it. It’s a lot more volumizing than the others I have tried which makes it more stiff. Your brows will definitely not move if you put this on. The first time I used it, I put a little bit too much that made my brows look clumpy, crumbly, shiny and stiff. All the things you wouldn’t want on your brows. But the second time I tried it (being extra careful not to put on too much), it went on smoothly and made my brows more bushy (which is the look I’m going for). Once the gel is applied it would take only seconds for it to set. And when it’s set, you’re not gonna be able to move it. They’re marketing it as to having a 3D effect which is probably why the product has a sheen to it. A look that I’m not a fan of but don’t really mind. I’ve been loving pairing this with my favourite brow pencil and applying the brow gel on the inner parts of my brows.

Here are some pictures to compare my brows with and without the Brow Precise

WITHOUT Maybelline Brow Precise


WITH Maybelline Brow Precise

There isn’t much difference when you look at the 2 pictures but in real life, my brows looked a lot thicker.


  • The uniquely shaped brush
  • Includes tiny fibers that made it a lot more volumizing compared to other brow gels
  • Kept brow hairs in place
  • Goes on smoothly and defines brow hair (if you’re careful not to put on too much)


  • Crumbles off
  • Has a tiny bit of sheen and sparkles when you look closely
  • Could make your brows look crisp and stiff if you put too much
  • Sets too fast
  • Not waterproof

Would I repurchase? I honestly wouldn’t just because it’s an unnecessary step to my routine. But I’m loving the product so far that I think I could finish it up in no time. I’ve been using it every day since I got it and it made a good difference to my brows.

Watch out for a comparison between 4 different brow gels! Soon!

I hope this review helped! Thanks for dropping by!❤️


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