Bite Beauty Multistick | Swatches and Review

Who doesn’t love makeup that does everything? Lazy girls, like me, would be all over this product because it does everything and it actually WORKS! The Bite Beauty Multisticks are cream to powder finishes that are suitable for eyes, lips, and cheeks. This product is aimed to achieve a monochromatic look with only using one product!

They’re available in 18 colours but I only have 6 to swatch for you guys.

EDIT: See me use the Multusicks in action here

This post will go over: Detailed review and how I use it, Pro’s & Con’s, Eye-lip-cheek swatches, side by side swatches of all 6 colours


The packaging is identical to the Buttercream lipsticks which are flat, cylindrical and MAGNETIC! I know, makeup addicts love the magnetic packaging and the satisfaction that comes with every click!


These bullets were shot in a very hot Toronto day so excuse the sweat on these bullets. If you ever experience this, just pop them in the fridge for a few hours and the sweat will disappear. I do recommend you don’t use them yet when they’re hot and sweaty because they might break off. I did it once, broke a lipstick, then cried. Lol


Detailed Review


Since my lids are oily, cream shadows will definitely crease on me. So before applying these sticks, I always apply an eyeshadow primer. You can use either a synthetic dense brush or your finger. Both ways will work perfectly. I prefer using my ring finger to blend it all over the lid. To further prevent creasing, I set it with a translucent powder and noticed that it lasted a lot longer when I did this technique. I’m sure that if you don’t have oily lids, this step won’t be necessary. These Multisticks are also great as a base for powder shadows. Since it is a cream to powder formula, the shadows that you will put on top of it will set and will not move! So impressed with this product!


I was never a cream blush fan. I thought cream blushes are hard to blend and will just make my cheeks feel sticky. I also don’t like the sight of little dust fibres on it because clearly a sticky pan will just attract dust and that’s just not very hygienic. I stayed away from cream blushes as much as I can, until now. I am a fan of this product mainly because it blends so easily. I dab my ring finger on my cheek and apply little by little and blend as I go. These are also buildable so you can go for faint blush to a sharp contour. Speaking of contour, picking a shade that would go as a contour colour wasn’t easy for me. I’m thinking the colour “Anise” would be a good one because of it’s grey undertones.


Nothing new about Bite and their lipsticks. They will always be amazing! Steering differently from creamy and moisturising, Bite made these as cream to powder sticks to achieve a matte lip. I am not talking about a creamy matte, but an actual matte! (*thanking the matte lipstick gods) It applies creamy at first but it sets and will last the whole day if you want it to. I also did a “kiss test” and was so impressed to find out that there was almost none! Since it’s matte, it is very long lasting!

Worried about cross-contamination?

I have read  somewhere that several people are concerned about cross-contamination between the face, brushes, eyes and anywhere else on the face. I would suggest maybe applying a huge swatch on your clean wrist and dab your brush or your finger on that swatch. That way you’re only putting the product on 2 places: that little area on your wrist and your lip (if you’re gong for the monochromatic look all over the face). Does that make sense? Leave a comment down below if you have more suggestions!



Note that I didn’t do face swatches on Brioche and Mochi. I am not wearing any foundation or concealer on these pictures so ignore the imperfections! I also only used my fingers to blend the Multisticks on to my cheeks and eyes.

ALMOND – a rich mahogany

Multisticklipswatch (1)

Multistickface (5)

This colour, although has some red to it, would be a good option for a subtle contour too.  A very light hand should do the trick.

BLONDIE – nude taupe

Multisticklipswatch (2)

Multistickface (3)Not a flattering nude on my lip, but I love this colour on the lid. It is a perfect crease or transition shade. Since this colour is too peachy for a contour on me, I love it as a blush!

CERISE – dark plum red

Multisticklipswatch (4)

Multistickface (2)

This darker colour is perfect for fall and a lot of different skin tones! I used this colour very lightly on the hollows of my cheeks as a subtle contour. I noticed that this applies more creamy and sheer compared to the other colours.

MASCARPONE – deep salmon

Multisticklipswatch (6)

Multistickface (4)

This colour is such a wearable pink! I’m loving this colour for all over my face! It’s also a pretty blush colour for all seasons!

MOCHI – cherry red

Multisticklipswatch (3)

Mochi is the only bright red in this collection and it is geared towards a blue-toned red.

BRIOCHE – rich terracotta

Multisticklipswatch (5)

This colour is perfect as an everyday lippie. As an eyeshadow, it’s a perfect crease shade!


  • a multipurpose product that saves you TIME
  • cream to powder formula
  • blendable
  • buildable
  • highly pigmented
  • great colour selection
  • if you’re a matte lipstick lover then you’ll love this too
  • subtle hint of citrus scent
  • long lasting on the lips & cheeks


  • creased easily on my lids but priming and setting it with loose powder works best
  • you might be concerned with cross-contamination between different areas on your face

Price: C$28 (2 dollars cheaper than the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks)


Side by side swatches of all 6 colours

Bite beauty multistick swatches

What do you guys think about these? Leave me a comment down below!


Thanks for dropping by!  ❤️


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2 thoughts on “Bite Beauty Multistick | Swatches and Review

  1. omg Thank you for reviewing and swatching these!!! I was paused a little when they said they are for lips, cheeks and EYES. After reading this I think I need to go and get some!!!! THANK YOU


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