Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious

Mascaras are one of my essentials when it comes to makeup. I have tried a lot of mascaras from the drugstore that I think it’s safe to say that I am a mascara junkie. I did a review on comparing and reviewing 8 mascaras altogether here.

Maybelline has the best mascaras in my opinion and they did even better when they released the original Lash Sensational (the pink version of this). Not expecting anything, I tried the black version of the Lash Sensational and was even more impressed.


The Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious has a black matte tube similar to the Rocket Volume Mascara and the Pumped Up (both from Maybelline). The wand is tapered and plastic with small bristles. I personally like the plastic wands because it grips on my short and thin lashes very easily. This wand is perfect because it can reach my unreachable outer corner lashes. The tapered tip is also beneficial because you don’t have to look for the curved end and figure out which side of the wand you want to use.DSC02052

The product itself is like gel and smooth. It isn’t watery and isn’t sticky at all. Some mascaras look very sticky and dry when I first open it, but this mascara wasn’t like that at all.


I picked the waterproof version because it holds a curl better for me. This mascara is absolutely the best mascara I have ever used. I love this mascara so much because it gives so much volume without clumping. At the same time, it defines my lashes while making it appear like I have a lot. Some mascaras make the lashes stick together and make you look like you have 5 thick lashes. This mascara hugs every lash and coats it individually.

one coat

Single Coat

As you can probably tell, my eyes have an instant lift whenever I curl my lashes and put on mascara. It is a dramatic difference, I know. Also, excuse my bloodshot eyes. lol



Here are pictures with two coats of the mascara

two coats


I would say that it does build up pretty well. What do you think?


  • Lengthening
  • Volumizing
  • Holds a curl (waterproof)
  • Doesn’t budge, smudge and lasts all day
  • Doesn’t crumble off
  • The best mascara ever! (IMO)


  • NONE!

I go through mascaras like water especially if I really like it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I run out at this moment. That isn’t a worry because I already repurchased a backup. It is that good! Yes, I highly recommend this product to everyone!

Thanks for dropping by!  ❤️


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2 thoughts on “Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious

  1. I think you just convinced me to buy it! 🙂


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