COLOURPOP Ultra Metallic Lip Swatches & Review

Colourpop has finally come out with the Ultra Metallic Lip collection and I got so excited that I got all 4 colours from the collection. They’ve released this collection 3 times in limited quantities and have been sold out in under 30 minutes. They also said that it’s going to be a permanent collection and knowing Colourpop, they will definitely come out with a ton of different shades too.


When I first swirled the applicator inside the tube, it felt mousse-y and almost like a cream eyeshadow. It has soft chunky pieces when you first apply it. You could probably tell from the hand swatches there are indeed some chunky pieces. This doesn’t really bother me since the product applied smoothly on my lips. The girls from Colourpop mentioned in their Snapchat that they intended it to be like that – a mousse texture. They said that they needed to stick to that formula to get that smooth and comfortable feel on the lip.


I am loving it so far and have been wearing it a lot. It has a satin and almost matte feel and doesn’t transfer much. I always see lipstick stains on my water bottle but when I was using these metallic lippies, I could see just a tiny bit of sparkle. I was also amazed to see it all intact when I finished an oily meal. With that being said, it is a pain to remove this. Once it sets, it’s not going anywhere. Wiping it with dry napkins is just suicide. I use a makeup wipe or a cleansing oil to remove it.

Another great thing about this is that it’s very versatile because you can use it by itself or with other lippies. Apply a thin layer for a sheer glossy look, a thick layer for a super metallic lip, or on top of other lip products just dotted in the centre for extra dimension.

Side note: I received mine so early and got all excited but the doe foot applicator on one of the colours was bald, patchy and skinny. It was weird because it looked so different from all their applicators. I emailed them to ask about it and if they could replace it. Kindly enough, they replied quickly and said the replacement is on its way! Yay Colourpop Customer Service!

Now for lip swatches!


zebra wtube



3 way w tube

3 way


kween w tube



man eater w tube

man eater


  • Applies smoothly and very pigmented
  • Super metallic of course!
  • Very long lasting
  • Little to no transfer
  • Semi-matte finish
  • No scent
  • Price: 6 USD


  • Hard to take off
  • Not very wearable (Although Kween is the most wearable IMO)
  • Could accentuate the little cracks on the lips



Thanks for dropping by!

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