Face Brushes | What I Use Them For

As promised, here are the face brushes I regularly use. All are cost-effective and high in quality!

DSC01157-01Real Techniques Powder Brush – C$ 13.97
Powder, Blush, Bronzer
I used to have only one brush for my entire face and this is the one I have. This was my first ever brush and I am still loving it. The slightly tapered tip gives it a soft precision that makes this brush so versatile! Plus, Real Techniques brushes are wallet-friendly and uber soft.

DSC01158-01Morphe M500 Deluxe Pointed Blender – $ 8.99 US
Bought this out of a whim at IMATS Toronto 2015. It isn’t my fave for a setting brush because I think I prefer the hairs to be little bit shorter. Nevertheless, I still use this brush for finishing and dusting off powder. It could also be a good brush for highlighting!


DSC01159-01Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – C$ 11. 27
Foundation and Concealer
This is the brush I use for foundation and concealer if I’m not using the Beauty Blender. This one is very dense that it buffs the product into the skin really well.

DSC01160-01Morphe M556 Detail Contour Fluff –  $ 8.99 US
Although the name says for contour, I don’t use this for that. They can’t tell me what to do! LOL. Kidding aside, I do feel that this brush is too big for me to contour with. But the brush size is perfect to apply blush on the apples of the cheeks.

DSC01161-01Fan Brush
I don’t know what brand this is, but it’s just a basic fan brush that I use for highlighting. I use this when I want a subtle highlight because it tends to pick up products lightly.


DSC01162-01e.l.f. Blush Brush – C$ 3.97
Blush and Contour
The price of this brush is unbelievably cheap. I wish the whole brush collection of e.l.f. were more accessible to us here in Canada because I will HOARD every single one! I use this brush for two purposes: blush and contour.

DSC01164-01I lay this brush flat on my face to blush the apples of my cheeks just like on the picture above.

DSC01167-01When I want to contour, I just use the sides of the brush for a thinner width.

What are your favourite face brushes at the moment? I would love to know!

Thanks for dropping by!  ❤️


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