THE FACE SHOP | The Therapy | Oil Drop Anti-aging Serum & Airbrush Essential Mist

The Face Shop is one of the most accessible Korean beauty brands here in Toronto. I have known about this brand since I was in the Philippines and have always been a fan. I am so pleased that they opened several stores in the GTA!

The Therapy line is basically one of their anti-aging skincare line. I have been seeing fine lines and wrinkling around my face so I have decided to give this one a go.

I am not an expert on skincare and I am not sure what order it’s all supposed to go. Especially with Korean skincare, it can go as far as 20 steps (I might be exaggerating). I have been using these two on a daily basis, either by themselves, or both products together. As far as order is concerned, I always use the mist first followed by the serum. I have read somewhere that essences and serums are exactly the same? Feel free to correct me on this one.


When you have dry skin like I do, seeing “oil” on the label kind of sells it for you. The “oil-drop” method is interesting because it is apparently a 200-year-old European formula from Marche, Italy. When you look at the bottle, it looks like a jelly with little drops of oil scattered around.

I absolutely love the high-quality packaging. It feels heavy and luxurious. It’s in a pump form but the bottom pushes the product up.DSC01143-01


As you can see from the bottle, it has droplets of oil mixed in with the serum. My dehydrated skin felt amazing right after I put it on. It is very moisturizing and refreshing. The scent smells like the spa and I’m guessing it’s rosemary and mint. Whatever it is it’s very relaxing. As for the anti-aging property, I feel like the lines between my brows are less visible and my skin texture has improved over the last few weeks. I like to apply half a pump of the product after I wash my face when I’m not using the mist. According to the box, it would be most effective when you pat it on your face ’til it dries and soaks in.




It comes in a metal spray bottle with a plastic cap. The spray comes out super fine and light.




I love the extra step that I take on my skincare routine. Misting it all over the face gives the skin a veil of moisture and refreshment. I like to apply this product on my damp, post-washed face and pat on it until my skin absorbs the moisture. One thing I absolutely love about this product is that it can double up as a finishing spray after makeup to give the skin that dewy glow.


Overall, I am absolutely loving this line from The Face Shop. I have nothing bad to say about this line, to be completely honest. I might go back and stock up on these when they go on sale!


Thanks for dropping by!  ❤️


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