COLOURPOP Super Shock Eyeshadows: Bill, Girl Crush, Party Time, Mittens

After enough testing and trying, I’m ready to give my two cents about these beautiful colours from ColourPop. I ordered all cool-toned matte shades because I feel like I lack products in that department. The colours I chose were (L-R) Mittens, Girl Crush, Bill, and Party Time.


There are two ways I apply these products: via a dense synthetic brush or via ring finger. I use the Morphe E23 brush and swirl it several times to get the intensity that I want. Using a brush typically puts down a lighter and more diffused colour. Dipping the ring finger gives it the highest colour pay-off when applied directly.

As many of us know, these shadows aren’t pure powder eyeshadows. They feel so soft and mousse-y. Almost like a cream eyeshadow but instantly sets when you put in on the lids. I find that they are a little bit harder to blend than the usual eyeshadows because of their texture. Once you lay the product down on your lids, it sets there and it will be a little bit of a struggle to blend it especially if you use your hands. With that being said, it works well as a primer or a base to your favourite eyeshadows too.

Without a primer, these last so long considering my oily lids. It doesn’t crease on me at all. With a primer, it lasts so much longer and the colour is more vibrant.

– Super soft
– Highly pigmented
– Lasts long
– Great colour selection

– A little hard to blend
– Comes in pots that could dry up over time
– Hard to store


“A deep warm brown with a red violet undertone leaving a matte finish” – This is such a beautiful colour and transforms to different shades depending on whether you use a light or a heavy hand.
Colourpop mittens

“Dusty mauve grey” – this has a slight bluish undertone to it too.Colourpop Party Girl

“Muted plum beige” – I would describe this a dusty rose or just pink. This is perfect for spring on its own or with other colours. This gives me a bright awake look! This is my favourite out of the bunch!Colourpop Bill

Mid tone-true grey” – a perfect transition or crease colour for all your cool toned looks!


Overall, I’m very impressed with these Super Shock Eyeshadows. I am pretty sure I’ll go back to Colourpop and order shimmery ones!


Thanks for dropping by! ❤


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