REVIEW: First Aid Beauty


This winter has been intensely dry for my skin. I have dry patches all over my face, a crusty nose, and a flaky forehead. I have tried to double up on my moisturizers but my skin can’t seem to soak it up.

Youtubers are my frequent enablers that’s why I delved into the First Aid Beauty bandwagon.


L to R: Facial Radiance Pads, Ultra Repair Cream, Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask


The Ultra Repair Cream

This thing saved my skin multiple times. It is a thick cream that instantly gets absorbed into my skin and leave it supple. Whenever I’m not using this, my skin will literally peel off from dryness. I will definitely repurchase the biggest tub next time I come across a Sephora.

Retails for C$15 for 2 oz, C$37 for 6 oz, C$53 for 12 oz


Facial Radiance Pads


The little tub comes with circular pads that are soaked with the product. It was supposed to exfoliate, tone, and brighten but it didn’t really do much to my skin. It felt refreshing with a little sting when I put it on and that’s about it.

Not a bad product but I wouldn’t repurchase it.

Retails for C$18.50 for 28 pads and C$37 for 60 pads


Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask


This 10-minute mask feels like you are putting actual oatmeal on your face. It has oat bits and smells just like oatmeal. It does a good job on hydrating and soothing my dry and stressed out skin. I put this on about 3 times a week and my skin feels so plump right after especially if I follow it up with the Ultra Repair Cream.

Retails for C$28 for the 2 oz tube


I am definitely looking forward to trying out more First Aid Beauty products next time.


❤ Lea


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5 thoughts on “REVIEW: First Aid Beauty

  1. Never tried these product! I’m very tempted

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Celina says:

    I have never tried First Aid Beauty but I’ve heard great things about the brand. It’s too bad the peel was a dud for you.
    I just reviewed glamglow!
    Thanks for sharing xx


  3. keishagayle says:

    Quiet pricey but I heard its good!


  4. […] FIRST AID BEAUTY ULTRA REPAIR CREAM – When I said I’ll buy a bigger size I actually meant it. This thing has been my go to moisturizer for my uber parched skin not only for my face but also for the whole body! Check out my review of first aid beauty products here. […]


  5. Magsleigh1 says:

    I love FAB! I have seen so many benefits in my skin!


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